Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Swimming Lessons

The Tucson Police gave a grant to the parks and rec department for swimming classes this year. Which meant it was only $2 a session for classes instead of $15. So we signed the girls up! They have finished the first of the two weeks and they absolutely love it!

Sophie is getting really good at practicing her kicks and "ice cream scoop hands" Lydia does ok but she does not like that I have to hold her. She would rather run free in the pool  and drown herself. I thought she wasn't learning anything but when we went to my mom's pool on Friday she wore a life jacket and did kicks and ice cream scoops all over the pool! Apparently she just wants to be free.

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  1. Ha ha Second child syndrome they just want to be free like their older sibling! Abrielle was the same Jocelyn didn't think she was learning a thing till she was in her grandma's pool on her own. Suddenly an excellent swimmer! lol