Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Coolest and Sadest Monsoon I have ever Seen!

Last night we were reading scriptures with the girls and getting them ready for bed. It had been thundering for awhile and then when Chad started to explain the scripture to them it started hailing like crazy and the power went out. We stood at the window and watched the most insane monsoon I had ever seen! Our tree was bent in half, our recycles were flying everywhere and the hail was insanely loud.

It was all really cool and fun to watch until I realized....Our Garden!

Totally destroyed...so sad. But at least our tree made it!

Here is our front porch after the storm finally stopped....

It looked just like Sonic Ice had just been dumped there. We were able to keep the girls calm so they could go to bed without being scared. But with the power out that meant no night light. Which I knew Sophie would have issues with. Chad got creative and ran out into the storm and retrieved one of our solar porch lights!

It was a little bright so we wrapped it up in a towel. It worked perfectly! Nice to know we have those for these situations. Thank goodness for my smart hubby I'm not sure it would have even crossed my mind.


  1. These storms are crazy! Last year we had our front tree uprooted (almost fell on our truck) and trampoline blew into neighbors house. We pulled it back just in time but it was all mangled and destroyed. Glad you guys are okay.

  2. Sounds like you had an Oklahoma experience!!! :)- I love the night light idea!! I will have to remember that in the future!!-lol -so sad about the garden. . .maybe just maybe it will still be okay!!

  3. Sad about the garden:( but the night light idea is a gem. We also have used those "flameless" candles--the button battery-powered ones they sell around Halloween & Christmas. They work great & pack well for trips.--Becky B.