Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Boise Vacation Part 6

While in Boise all the girls decided we wanted to learn how to drive the Model A's. Chad's Grandfather is a certified trainer for MAFCA in training women to drive and he instructed us.

The first part was a class where we learned about the car and what to check before getting into the car, what to do, and of course what not to do while driving....I think we made him a little nervous with all of the questions we were asking lol. I looked at him and asked "Are you really ready for us?" He just shook his head...

I was so nervous about starting the car and then Grandpa went into being careful not to use the brake too much and stories of people losing there breaks coming down a hill and almost hitting children crossing the road to school. Then I was terrified about stopping the car....We were all really nervous. Apparently Grandpa did that on purpose so that we would be careful.

Then in his wisdom he told our husbands not to drive with us because they would make us nervous. Haha so true. I rode with Seth and he was very patient with me and taught me some tricks. He had us load everyone in the cars along with all 10 of our children.

Nerve wracking?


Landon was very concerned. He asked his mom if she was driving and she told him yes and then he replied quite worried asking if we had even practiced yet?

Nope...Grandpa was awfully trusting. With every one's lives in danger we headed to complete the 100 mile course.....I got to drive this little beauty...

But once we got rolling it was so much fun!!!  We drove to Payette and stopped for root beer floats and then headed back to Grandpa's. Driving it wasn't too hard at all, although I did kill it a couple of times, but other than that it was smooth riding (well as smooth as a model a can be).

We were awarded our awesome patches for completing the course!!!

The patch says "This Lady Drives a Ford Model A"

That's right!

I told Chad when our station wagon gets done he is going to have to fight me for the driver's seat!

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  1. What a cute post!! I should of let you post my vacation!!-lol Congrats on your patch!!