Friday, July 6, 2012

Boise Vacation Part 5

We took all the kids to the zoo and got up front and personal with the king of the jungle...

He thought they looked delicious and took a swipe at them...

The kids had a lot of fun and I think Lydia enjoyed spending some time in the wagon with her sister...

We fed the goats while we were there. Lydia literally fell in love with them and kissed several of them...She was in heaven...

Goat Kisses

We went and saw some butterflies..

Lydia wanted to touch them so bad. When I would tell her not to touch them she would try and kiss them.
After we had a picnic at the park with the kids. Chad and Kimberly put together a fun relay race for everyone to do. It was so funny but sadly my camera died and all I got was part of Sophie and Tykell's race.

Another day we took them to the Discovery Center which was a really cool hands on science center.
This chair was fun you had to pull yourself up and then the air brakes would slowly let you down...

They had a really cool play grocery store. Sophie of course loved it. There was some other kids checking things out and she waited very patiently in line with her cart.

They had a lot of fun things to do..

There was even a bed of nails you could lay on...

This was Landon's favorite he would tell you to get on, raise the nails, and then laugh at you..HAHA silly boy.

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  1. Thanks Rachel the pictures have been so fun since I missed half of this I think... ;)

    Can we say "mad scientist"! LOL