Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Boise Vacation Part 3

After Salt Lake we headed up to Boise for the Model A Meet. It was a lot of fun driving in Grandpa's old cars!

I was afraid after so many days in the car getting there the girls would hate it, but when they don't have to sit in a car seat it makes a huge difference. They loved every minute of it...

My parents and Toodles came with us and we had so much fun!

On Saturday the girls went to the Fashion High Tea while the boys went on a tour to Lucky Peak. We made dresses for all of them to match the time period. They all looked so cute!

Even Kimberley Dressed up for the Occasion...

The tea was fun they had fun drinking lemonade out of tea cups. They had a little fashion show too.

Besides Lydia spilling her drink everywhere within the first five minutes they were all perfect little ladies. After we met the boys up at Lucky Peak and had a BBQ and the kids swam.

The last day of the meet they did some fun car games...

Chad and I went together and it was so much fun! First Chad had to parallel park, then we had to take the front tires off of a model a and switch them and put them back on, then we had to go fishing from the car, and the last event was a potato toss while wearing gloves and a fire helmet.

We didn't end up going to the awards ceremony but apparently Clayton Cars won most of the events. Dad and Kimberly even got a first place trophy for fishing!

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  1. It was a wonderful vacation...wasn't it! Love the story of the testimony so sweet!