Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"This is Funny Honey"

Yesterday Chad went in for a Endoscope. He has had upper abdominal pain for 4 years but just deals with it because he does not like going to the doctor. It has been getting worse lately and after a lot of convincing we talked him into going in to the doctor. We were really hoping that they find something so that he doesn't have to be in pain anymore. My wonderful mother got up early and came to our house to watch the girls since Sophie was still asleep.
After the procedure was over they called me in to see Chad. I was curious on how he would act because I had heard stories about how my dad and father-in-law acted after theirs. A lot of asking the same questions and saying "that nurse was so nice" over and over. Chad is already a funny guy so I had a feeling it was going to be hilarious.

He had just woke up and he was siting there giggling. "This is funny honey hahaha Lets do this again" He said this several times. And then he pointed at the main desk and laughs "honey that is soo funny" "honey hold me I need to be held."

He told me 3 times how nice nurses and tech was and all of their names. Although on the third time he did say "I told you that didn't I?" Yes Honey that's okay. "You should tell your mommy thank you for watching the girls that was very nice honey" No problem I will.

The nurse told him she was going to close the curtain so he could put his shirt back on he replied "Yeah not everyone is ready to see all this manliness!" At this point I am in tears laughing so hard.

He proceeded to make sure certain body parts were still um attached...."whew" What are you doing Honey? He replied "You never know. You know you hear all these crazy stories of things getting taken off when your out" And what would they do with it? "You know sell it on the black market! hahahaha"

The Doctor comes in and tells us everything is normal. Chad tells him "that's not good doc." We really wanted them to find something. Not everything looks perfect we have no idea whats wrong with you. They did take a biopsy so we will See in 10 days.

I asked Chad if he wants more water and he replied "yeah i want more watdgdhu.." He corrects himself "water" and jokingly I say yes aqua. he says "Honey don't make fun of me that's not funny" Oops a minute ago everything was funny maybe its wearing off. He starts laughing again and tells the nurse that they need to paint all the hallways a different color people could get lost in here. She tells they are one is white another is blue. "ohh ok hahahaha" Nope hasn't wore off.

Once we got in to car he was pretty much back to normal correcting my driving. (I was driving his car which is a stick shift) and he even gave me directions home because I just get lost. We probably would have made it home eventually it would have just taken longer. He joked with me that he was the one all drugged up but was helping me drive.

We went to his parent's house and worked on some projects. He did really good and in 10 days hopefully we will know more.


  1. I was laughing so hard... it is so funny the things people say coming out. Tyrone said about 5 times "that was the bast nap I ever had lets do it again".

  2. This is hilarious!! Thanks for sharing . . .i needed a good laugh :)-Hope the waiting goes quickly! love you guys