Thursday, May 12, 2011

Some Sewing Projects

Last Saturday I went to a my friend Brittany's baby shower. She is having a little boy. I wanted to sew something because it has been awhile since I have pulled out my machine. So I decided to make necktie onsies. I love these little onsies and if we ever have a boy I am going to make a whole bunch of them.

They were so easy to make (as long as you don't fight with your sewing machine like I did).

Chad had a good idea to take an old skirt that I don't fit into anymore and make skirts for the girls...

It seemed easy enough the pattern was just a rectangle. But since the skirt was rounded it was harder than we thought and we spent a good 2 hours just trying to figure out how to get a rectangle out of a c shaped fabric. We were trying to get it done so the girls could wear them to church the next day.

We finally just made a paper pattern (well Chad did) and laid it down and cut it out. They are easy skirts to make and I started to sew away. I got Sophie's almost finished and I was getting Lidia's ready to sew together and the machine quit on us. So sad. They didn't get to wear them Sunday but we did finish them up Tuesday with  the help of Chad's mom and her machine!

The blog said it would be the easiest skirt I would ever sew but it turned into the most time consuming skirt ever. It would have been much faster if we weren't using a old skirt and our machine didn't decide to quit but overall I think they are pretty cute! So they get to wear them this Sunday!

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