Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Once Upon a Time...

Sophie loves to read. She will empty her bookshelf everyday and read and do puzzles. She gets so excited to read to Lydia. She tells me "Mom I read Lydia a story it make her happy"
I love it too Sophie. She is so sweet with her baby sister (most of the time) and is always taking care of her and making sure she is ok. Many times Sophie will come to me while Lydia is crying and says "Mom Lydia is sad she needs you"

She will read stories over and over to Lydia and they go like this:

"Lydia once upon a time it was a beautiful day."

"Once upon a time there was a bus."

Then she will continue turning pages and saying Once upon a time there was a...whatever is on that page..

On the last page of course she says

"And they lived Happily Ever After! Was that a good story Lydia. You like that? You want to read another one? ok! Once upon a time it was a beautiful day...."

Even though Sophie has her emotional moments and believe me they happen a lot. She still makes me smile. The other day Chad gave me a hug and she says "aw happily ever after..."

Or last night I was clipping her fingernails and was going to paint them and she says "Wait not yet mom I need to pick my nose first!"

In the middle of the night last night she was crying and calling my name. When I went in there she told me that there were monsters. I asked her where and she informed me that they hid when I came in. I explained to her that monsters were not real they were just in the movies but they were nice like Mike and Sulley. She didn't seemed convinced. When I asked her what she thought we should do she said we needed magic wands. So we got our color pencils and said bibbity bibbity! And poof! They were gone and one happy two year old went back to sleep.

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  1. Oh my goodness I love that girl!!! I seriously laughed out loud at the nose picking comment!!! Hilarious!!!