Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Chad's Wagon

Last year for Chad's birthday he wanted a red wagon. I did some research but the one he really wanted was like 300 dollars. Sorry but that wasn't going to happen. So we went to Lowes and found a really cool garden cart. It is much sturdier than the red one and it can hold 1,000 pounds. Thanks to both of our parent's birthday money and a coupon plus it was on sale Chad was able get it. We Love this wagon it is perfect to pull the kids around in. Chad and I even take turns riding in it.
A week before Lydia was born I even had Chad and Sophie sit in the wagon and I pulled it around the neighborhhod in hopes of going into labor. We got some funny looks but it didn't work.

My awesome Mother in Law made some really cute pillows (sorry Chad I mean manly, cool pillows.) and a pad to sit on. It makes it SO nice and the girls love riding in it.

It usually gets taken to the "big park" every Tuesday when I go to school. Sophie always talks about taking the wagon with Daddy. Normally she wont let me take the wagon because it's daddy's. But the other day she said it was ok....

Now all we need is to make a canopy for it.


  1. Hmmmm, a canopy...now that is something we must work on... Super cute girls!

  2. So fun!! Just can't get enough of the wagon!

  3. Ummm I love how you tried to put yourself into labor that way. Imagine what people were thinking. That poor pregnant woman pulling her husband and child around. How rude:)