Thursday, May 5, 2011

Some more backyard progress

After doing the planter bed last week we really got excited about our backyard. And we realized to do all of the planter boxes that we wanted wasn't going to be as expensive as we thought. Thanks to Home Depot. We had been looking at some blocks at Lowes for a long time that were similar to the ones we ending getting at Home depot but they were more than a dollar more expensive. I guess I can't be as loyal to Lowes now Home Depot really did save us a lot of money. So yesterday we got some more bricks!
My wonderful husband got one done last night and the other before he went to work today...

We bought some soil that ended up being more expensive at Lowes so they gave us 10% off of Home depots price! Our Zucchini and Pumpkins and sprouted and I was going to take a picture yesterday but then I realized I had forgotten to water them the day before so they look really sad. Hopefully they will survive they kind of have a forgetful "farmer."


  1. Those look so cute!! And what a deal!! Can't wait to see the garden all put together!! Great Job Chad!

  2. Looks great! It's so fun to landscape a yard! Before you spend too much money buying dirt, check around and see of anyone wants to get rid of dirt. It's generally more work, but it is usually free. We used to get mushroom compost for free from the mushroom farm in San Jose.