Monday, May 23, 2011

First Swim

Saturday Chad and I went to the temple and my parents watched the girls for us. We figured it would be a good day to go since it was the day the world was apparently supposed to end. Once we got back we decided to go swimming since we were all still alive.

So Sophie and I have gone swimming a couple times already but we have been waiting until Chad could be there for Lydia's first time.

I was curious to see her reaction to the pool since she loves baths so much and gets so excited to get in the bath and hates getting out. I thought she would be totally excited...

That is face she had for the first 10 minutes, no reaction. She did eventually get into it and started kicking and doing her little squeal. She had a lot of fun and probably would have stayed in there forever but she got cold.

Sophie has gotten braver in the pool. At first she wanted me to hold her all the time but now she goes all over the pool by herself with her floaty.
We finally had to force her out of the pool. She was shivering and had blue lips. We would tell her that it was time to get out because she was getting cold and she would say "no I'm not!" through chattering teeth.
It was a fun day and we are so grateful for our parents who are always so willing to watch our little monsters for us.


  1. You meant to say Princesses...right??? LOL She does look cute in that swimming suit

  2. There is something about lydia that reminds me of Aliya. . .I don't know what it is. . .I am going to have to look through baby pictures :)- The kids are so excited for next monday, because that is when our pool opens. . .they can't wait. Looks like you guys will have lots of fun this summer swimming!!