Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sacrament Meetings

So this picture describes our family's Sacrament Meeting experiences lately....
Sophie has always been so good. She waits until after the Sacrament is passed to ask for books and snacks, sits quietly, and sings songs with us. We have never had to take Sophie out EVER. Lydia is a totally different story. Apparently all my brother's wishes for a hard baby has come true.

She only lasts about 10 minutes before she gets wiggly and grumpy. Chad passes the Sacrament so I jiggle and distract as much as possible to keep her quiet. Oh how I wish she would take a pacifier. Sophie is usually great but lately she doesn't listen quite as well. By the time Chad sits with us Lydia is beyond done. I feed her right before church so she isn't hungry. But she is very content when we take her out to the hall.

This last Sunday I was singing in the choir and Chad had Lydia in the hallway and I had Sophie. I explained to Sophie that I was going to get up to sing and she needed to stay here and I would be back. She said ok. When I went up I looked back and Chad came in. So I thought oh good that worked. But in the middle of singing I looked down and he was gone and a nice lady in our ward was holding Sophie.

I guess Lydia started screaming and Chad got up to take her out. Sophie stood up on the bench and yelled "Daddy wait for me!" Then proceeded to do her pout that would turn into a total emotional breakdown at any moment.

So I think we are going to try some new tactics and pray that this is just a phase. Any suggestions would be great.

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