Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Chad had a 4 day weekend which was really nice before our crazy summer begins. He was even able to get off early from work Friday which rarely ever happens. So he has pretty much finished our water system in our backyard! He also has been working a bit more on our little pedal car. We have had fun shopping, swimming, and doing some projects.We were also able to go to the zoo with friends who we are so very sad are moving in like a week.

Awhile ago Chad's parents were nice enough to offer us their sandbox. We finally went over Saturday to get it. Sophie was so excited! Now there is actually something for her to do in our backyard....

Sophie had just flung sand in my eyes. Thats what I get for trying to provide shade.

Lydia was excited to. At first I had just put her feet in but she was trying so hard to get down. So we dug a little hole to help her sit and she went to town...

She really was excited...but that is Lyds face all the time. Playing in the sand is serious business.

As always Sophie hates me taking pictures of her so this is the best I got unless I wanted more sand in my eyes...

Thanks Mom and Dad!

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