Monday, May 2, 2011

Backyard Progress

We have been wanting to start Something in our backyard for a long time. We finally decided to start with a planter box! We headed to Home Depot to pick out brick. Sophie as usual was messing around and not being careful and fell and hit  her chin on the bricks...
Sadly she didn't get any sympathy from Chad and I. Her getting hurt is an everyday occurrence and frankly we are getting a bit tired of it. But she did get plenty of sympathy from Grandma and Grandpa and the nice Home Depot guy who gave her a band aid and candy. Once we got home Chad got right to work...

He even let me lay 2 bricks..(I know I worked hard) 
And here it is!

Now we have somewhere to put our plants! Well once we get some dirt in it. That's another day...


  1. That looks AMAZING!!!!! I am very impressed!! So mom was telling me about sophie's little spill :) I have to laught at the fact that you and Chad are getting tired of it, and Sophie recieved no sympathy from you two. . .so funny!! Can't wait to see all the plants in it!

  2. It looks FABULOUS! CAn't wait to get ours done too.

  3. Okay now I am very, very jealous. It looks amazing Chad did a great job. I thought you guys were goin to do a box not a gorgeous flower bed! I love it.