Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

Easter was really nice at our house. Besides the fact that Sophie woke up at 5am.."Good Morning Mommy!" umm not so much Sophie....I had just finished feeding Lydia and was putting her and myself back to bed. But thank goodness for movies. She watched Tangled and I slept on the couch. Once Daddy woke up we checked out our Easter baskets.....

Found Eggs....

Sophie even went and grabbed Lydia's basket and put eggs in there for her. So sweet.

Chad didn't have a meeting and I didn't have choir so we had an extra 3 hours to get ready for church! So we did a photo shoot...

I told her to pose like a Princess

After church we had some yummy dinner at my parents and of course an egg hunt...

Happy Easter!!!!


  1. i LOVE lydia's dress!!! What a fun Easter-glad sophie survived it ;)

  2. So as I was watching the video, the kids were in the bathtub. And Ty-kell could here Sophie's voice, and he said "Sophie, I'm up here in the bathtub, Sophie, come up here, Sophie. I get out Sophie!" He was sad when he realized she wasn't here, but he likes watching the videos.