Thursday, April 14, 2011


Last week Sophie wanted to take her bike out to ride and she actually started to pedal!! I ran and got the camera and sadly it was dead. So yesterday I took her out so I could record it. But sadly my child is stubborn and prefers to go Flinstone style.
Or because she likes to have control she just walks with it....

But hey as long as she has fun that is fine. Someday she will use the bike they way it was made to be used. We found some flowers...

And then Sophie got mad at me for taking so many pictures. "Don't take pictures of me mom!!!"

Okay Sophie..

Then when Daddy got home instead of doing homework they danced and I made cupcakes because doing homework is just no fun...

Picture taken by Sophie

After we put the kids to bed we realized we needed to be responsible so we did our homework.

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  1. So fun!! Parker still like to ride our tricycle flintstone style. . .but rides his real bike normally. . .it must be the angle that is hard :)