Monday, April 11, 2011

Near Death Experience

Lydia loves putting everything in her mouth. She is eiether eating her fist, a toy, or a burp cloth pretty much all of the time.
Sophie is always very helpful and hands her soft toys and helps her get it to her mouth. What a sweet big sister right?
Yesterday we were getting ready for church and Chad came into the bathroom to talk to me. The girls were in Sophie's room for a whole minute when Chad says "umm it sounds like Lydia is drowning."
We go in and Sophie says she put something in her mouth. When I asked her what she said a bird. Uh?

She has this little Cinderella dressup doll that came with a tiny plastic bird about the size of a finger nail. I immediatley put my finger in Lyds mouth and sure enough it was in her throat. Okay so it wasn't really a near death experience because she could still breath but she was garggling.I was afraid of pushing it back more so Chad faced her down and luckily out it came. Thank Goodness.

I am sure Sophie was just trying to help since she knows she loves to chew things but boy did we have a talk.


  1. Glad to know she survived!! I am sure lydia thought it was near death :)

  2. So glad this ended well! Love those dimpled little cheeks!

  3. That is so scary!! Glad you got it out!!