Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I have always loved having a sister. Ok so we didnt always get along but in the end we were always best friends. It is nice to have someone who completely understands your blonde moments, and who will forgive you after you get really mad at them for going and taking a shower after a rotten watermelon leaks all over their head instead of finishing helping feed the chickens. And who you can give a hard time too and they still love you :) (hopefully)

I will admit I was a little sad that I didnt have a girl then a boy first. (Although a part of me was relieved I had another girl because I am not sure what I would do with a boy)
But now I am sooo glad I had a girl because having a sister is awesome.

I know there will be times that they will fight and just be plain emotional (oh wait has that already started?) But I just hope that they are as close as I am to my sister.


  1. Well thanks for making me cry today. You will always be my best friend. Im still trying to forgive you for the watermelon thing lol jk. Im glad your girls will have the fun we had. Love you!

  2. They look so precious in their beautiful white dresses. We can't wait to see them counting down the days.