Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Sophie is such a funny kid. She makes me laugh all the time. (ok not all the time but a lot)

Yesterday I had a doctors apointment for my thyroid. Sophie Loves going to the doctor. Probably because everyone talks to her and gets excited to see her.
Just like on Dora there are certain destinations we have to pass to get there. She kept telling me we needed to go to the waterfall, princess castle, and then to the doctors office. I had no idea what she was talking about, but sure enough there is a waterfall outside a apartment complex that we pass. And the princess castle is in front of Golf n Stuff as part of the minigolf that we have to pass also. I had to laugh I couldnt believe that she picked up on that.

We have a routine at the office. Get in the elevator, I sign in and Sophie finds somewhere to sit, she grabs both of us a magazine and we sit and look through them. (we get quite a few looks and comments while we read). When the nurse called us back Sophie walks toward her waves and says "Good Morning!"  and then proceeds to tell everyone she sees that Lydia is her sister. Then after the appointment we go sit by the fountain outside and she plays with the water. Then we go home.
She loves being a big sister and insists on helping change diapers, get Lydia dressed, and especially singing to her baby sister.

She can sing the ABCs by herself but she gets so excited about the end of the ABC song that I have to interupt her with the letters so she wont skip to the end. But she was excited to sing them to Lydia. And if you are wondering why we were hanging out in the bathroom I was getting ready for the day and apparently I needed an audience.

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  1. Your so lucky you have girls. . .so sweet and nice and hold still. . .sitting at the doctors office and looking through a magazine. . .k that would never happen if you had a boy. . .:)-such a sweetheart!