Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Saturday Softball Game

Chad won tickets to the UofA softball game from his work last week. We were excited to go and he got 7 tickets, but then we realized we are kind of losers and had no one to go with. That is what family is for right? haha So I called Brad and they were able to come with us!! Woohoo!
Ayden loves baseball and was so excited to be there. He is such a cutie!

I know he doesn't look too excited in the pic but he was moving around so much I didn't get a good pic of him. At this moment I think he was getting told to sit down. Sierra was so funny she said she wanted the purple team to win, umm wrong team Sierra...

Sophie did better than I thought she would she actually watched quite a bit of the game...
I guess we got lucky because Lydia was awesome too! She just chilled....
Here are some more pics from the night...

I am not sure what the kids were doing in the last pic but they had fun! It was a really good game too. U of A beat Washington! And they only played 5 innings! There were several home run hits too which was exciting. Thanks Brad and Becca for coming with us it was so much fun! 


  1. I am not so sure Sierra is going to appreciate that picture in about 10 years...LOL! I agree Sophie and Sierra do look alot alike. What surprised me most was how much Chad and Brad look alike!

  2. What a fun night!! Glad the kids were good for you.. . .that makes it more enjoyable :)