Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year

For New Years we had a little party at home so we could put the girls to bed. We made pizza and watched a little football. Then we pulled out our really cool volcano fire pit we got for Christmas a few years ago.

We pulled out our sparklers and the girls had a lot of fun...

Sorry I cant flip the video you just have to turn your head :)

Then we roasted some marshmallows and made some yummy smores...
Sophie lit her marshmallow on fire and did not react at all but I guess it still tasted good...

Lydia fully enjoyed her smore and made a complete sticky mess of herself...

We then celebrated our New Year somewhere in the Atlantic and counted down at 8pm. We watched the video of the NY Ball Drop of 2010 haha. Sophie really got into it even though she didn't really know what we were counting for.

And I finished my January wreath! Ok so I'm being kind of lazy and I am just going to change out the decorations on my white wreath  because I just really love this wreath. Happy New Year everyone!!!

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  1. Happy New Year! And I LOVE the wreath idea! :)