Thursday, January 19, 2012

Valentine Outfits

My girls love clothes. Especially Sophie. I think Lydia just gets excited because Sophie is excited. They got some cute new outfits for Valentines Day. I know it is still January but I couldn't wait for the girls to wear them! The girls loved them and what do you do when your excited about a new outfit?

You play ring around the rosy.....

It's the fun thing to do. Thanks Grandma for your awesome clearance shopping!


  1. Those girls are so cute! How wonderful is it that they get along so well. I love Lydia's cheesy grin!

  2. They both looked SUPER cute in their new outfits on Sunday! :) When I sat down i told Sophie I LOVED her sweater. She grinned and started telling me that it was pink, and new, etc! Girls are so fun!

  3. What cute outfits!! So fun that they get excited to wear clothes :)