Thursday, January 5, 2012

Zoo and My Girls' Favorite Hangout

Last week we took the girls to the zoo since Chad was off of work. They got to feed the giraffes.

Lydia was not sure about that long tongue coming at her so she let Grandpa do it. We went into Sophie's favorite area at the zoo to color..

And we came across Mildred who did some tricks for us and let the girls pet her...

Apparently she does shows on stage for kids at the zoo. I didn't even know you could train chickens. It was a fun day and the girls always love going there.

We got really lucky with two girls who love each other so much. They just love being together and they get sad if they are apart. Now that Sophie decided she wants to sleep up on the top bunk the bottom bed has become their favorite place to hang out together and read books...

Lets just hope they continue to like to spend time with one another. For now I am just enjoying every minute.

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  1. So precious to see them together and loving it so much! :)