Monday, January 9, 2012

Lovey Bear Recall and Lydia

We got an email from Build A Bear informing us that Lovey Bear was on recall. I was so nervous because Lydia loves Lovey Bear and I just thought she was going to freak out for sure. We took Lovey Bear to the store and she seemed pretty happy to get to pick out another one. Lovey Bear was quietly put off to the side and she got to put the hearts for Lovey Bear into her new bear....
She ended up picking the same one Sophie has. Sophie brought Princess Bear for a spa treatment and new Lovey Bear was stuffed to perfection...

She was so happy to have her new Lovey Bear and didn't even notice her other Lovey Bear had disappeared...Whew....
She has a love for all stuffed animals. Her favorites are Lovey Bear and Doggy...

This is what she picked out when she went Birthday shopping with Grandma Miller. She loves it so much that it has already ran out of batteries. I ask her where her doggy is and she gets all excited and says "Doggy!" and goes and finds it. She also loves to dance. She is quite the little twirler. Somehow my girls just got that naturally..

It is funny what she picks out and copies from us. She randomly started painting her toes the other night with Sophie's Tinkerbell makeup...


  1. I can't get over how stinkin cute she is!!!. . .how about you mail her to me so I can spend a week with her :)-she could make it through priority mail. . right?? :)

  2. Aunt Kimberly that isn't should she her surprised face! Now that is stinkin' cute! She cracks us up all the time! Maybe you should move here and enjoy her!

    PS...I wouldn't tempt them...they just might send her....LOL!

  3. Close call! Glad it went so well! :)

    She's so cute! I love this age!

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    1. I guess the material used around the nose and eyes was not correct and they could fall off and cause a choking hazard.

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