Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My lil Shoppers

Last Friday we went shopping with Grandma Miller. My girls love going to JcPenny because they have the best of both worlds. Escalators and mirrors. My girls find everything they can see their reflection in....

Even when the things they find aren't really supposed to be mirrors....

Every time we would stop to look at something my girls drop to the floor to stare at themselves in the base of the stands. Are they conceded? Maybe... but as Chad says "they are not conceded they are confident!"

They also found the bed of their dreams....

Sophie loved it and said "mom take a picture of me by the pretty bed!" And Lydia said "ooo!" over and over.


  1. I would take that shopping trip with your girls, over shopping with my boys anyday!! Enjoy the fact that they at least stay by you and aren't hiding in the clothes, and knocking stands over :) They have a right to be conceded aka confident-they are so cute!!

  2. Great shoppers...along as they are feed and watered! I see zebra print in your future!