Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Desk for the Girls and Silly Sophie

Several months ago we saw a desk sitting out on the curb at Grandma and Grandpa Clayton's neighbor's house. It was white and blue and had teddy bears at the top and we thought it would be fun to take for the girls. We asked to neighbor and she said she was hoping someone would take it! So we took it home and painted it. Sadly I didn't get any before pictures but here it is....
We are going to put a chalk board on one side and a magnet board on the other. But thats a project for another day...
Sophie and Lydia just love to sit there and color.  I didn't realize how organized Sophie likes to be. I had put pencils and stencils in one jar and then pens in another jar but apparently that was not OK because she immediately moved all the pens and pencils together and put the magnets in the other jar. She is very particular about where things go. But it is nice because she loves the desk so much she puts everything away and keeps it very organized. It will be perfect for her when she starts school. Thanks Grandma Clayton for the fun ABC's!

Sophie is such a goofball and we love her a ton. She is always making up her own songs and is pretty much singing all the time. Its like shes in her own little world where shes always on stage...

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  1. What an adorable desk! I'm thinking of getting some (somehow) for my girls!

    Tatianna sings all the time too! I've got to try and catch it on tape sometime! She's a walking musical. But I love the music and creativity! Such fun girls!