Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Who needs Toys?

Who needs toys when you have.......cardboard boxes!!!

If your wondering yes she is eating...she is ALWAYS eating

We finally ordered blinds for our's and the girl's bedrooms. We have had blankets hanging up for over 3 years haha. We got a great deal! They were half off online with free shipping! The ones we like are kind of expensive since they are the wood ones so when we moved in we just got them for the important windows that everyone would see. It is so nice not to have blankets anymore!  

Lydia kept trying to knock over the empty box they came in so I laid it down and voila! Instant toy that entertained them most of the day!


  1. Always a kids favorite, I got a book at the library the other day, and it was all about how this bunny used his box to be creative and play. . .it's amazing how entertaining boxes are!

  2. My boys love boxes too. They love it when we have to unload 80+ boxes when we move.