Monday, August 8, 2011


We have gotten a couple projects done recently. I am tired of digging in a box for bows for the girls everyday to I decided to make this...

I am really excited about it!! I thought I was going to have plenty of room but as I was emptying their box more bows kept appearing. I didn't realize how many bows we had! Sophie loves it she gets so excited to pick which one she wants to wear. I still need to put a quote or something on the board I haven't decided yet...

Here is our blinds! I am so excited now you can actually see the cute valance my mom and I made!

My awesome brother gave us their old kitchen table so I could have a bigger desk in my office! My wonderful husband and father in law did their magic and added a keyboard pullout to it. We also hired a professional painter...

And it turned out great!

I used to be crammed in the corner. And after over 2 and a half years staring at the corner of the room I now can look at a whole wall! I know I am moving up in the world!

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  1. What does that professional painter charge??? It all looks great! When you decide on a quote...let me know! And I love the blinds, I am sorry I didn't peek in there the other night. Looking good guys, looking good!