Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Getting Organized

We have been wanting to buy rotating racks for our canned food for a long time now. But they are just so expensive. One day we decided we didn't care and we were going to get them anyway. But when we when to Costco they didn't have any. We went to Craig and Jeanette's a few weeks ago and Jeanette showed us these awesome rotating racks that she made out of cardboard! So cool!
Chad got some boxes from work and we went to town making these things. (Ok so chad did I was just the hot glue gun assistant). Here is the link to make these awesome organizers: make your own can rotating rack. 
We have a few more to make but already our pantry is so much nicer without cans falling everywhere! And the best part is these only cost us $6! And that was only because we had to buy a hot glue gun and glue sticks. Not a bad deal!


  1. You two are AMAZING! Are you making some for my house next!

  2. Love it! Some of the houses we are looking at have really small if any pantry at all, these will be great!!!! Thanks for sharing the great idea!