Thursday, August 25, 2011

It has begun....

School has officially begun again and I am in denial. It was rough summer with a lot of work and very little of seeing my husband. We got a three week break and it has been awesome. Chad would come home from work and we do what we want as a family with no worries.

Sophie especially has enjoyed the little break. She has gotten quite attached to Chad. She loves playing with him. I was trying to prepare her for this semester and explaining she wouldn't get to play as much with daddy.

"But why mom?"
"Because daddy is in school and taking a lot of classes."
"So daddy can be a teacher."
"Because that is what daddy wants to do."
"But why does he have to go to school?"
"Because you cant be a teacher without going to school first."

I will save you the rest. It went on for awhile. I know she is just curious and trying to learn, but the whole asking "why" a million times really tries my patience. I don't know why!

Lydia is pretty upset too...
Ok not really since us going to school doesn't effect her top priorities: Food, sleep, and more food. She is pretty much a go with the flow girl as long as those are not compromised.

Last night was the first reality check. Chad came home said hi and then went straight to the office to do homework. I think I saw him a whole 20 minutes yesterday...Here we go again!

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  1. Oh so sorry! I remember those days...hopefully they will feel like they pass quickly. My class would love to see him of my girls that wasn't there yesterday came in and said, I love your son, I learned so much from him.... He is well on his way! Call if you need help!