Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Childrens Museum

Last night was monsoon night at the Children's Museum. Chad and his dad went to look at pieces of an original 1929 station wagon so Grandma Clayton took us to the museum. It was a lot of fun!

 Here is Sophie ready to catch the bad guys and out them in "time-out" just like Uncle Mike and Uncle Brad.

She loved driving the firetruck like Uncle Jeff.
This floor was really cool. It had bugs that crawled around and we told her to stomp on them especially the scorpions. Then we read the directions and realized you were supposed to drag food over for them not kill them...whoops.
This screen was really cool I could have played with it all night. It records your silhouette and then plays it over and over again in one of the squares.

They had fun playing with trains.

And coloring. It was a fun night thanks mom!

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