Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gas Station Hang Out

Last Friday we were headed to Preschool Open Gym and I needed to get gas. Sophie was so excited to go because she was sick last week. I filled up the car and started it but then I couldn't get it out of park. I couldn't even get the button the press. I tried several times. Turned on and off the car, jiggled the steering wheel, jiggled the shifter, begged it to work, and then asked really nicely to please just get me out of park. Nothing. So I called my dad and tried his suggestions...nothing.   Called my father in law and tried his suggestions...nothing. Called Chad "aah!!! I'm stuck at a gas station!" One lady at his work said there was a button that would release it. But it had a cap on it and I couldn't get it off. We went into the gas station and asked for a screw driver. I took the button out of the shifter and attempted to figure out what was wrong. I had no idea.

Sophie was saying "Mom lets go to the gym mom!"
"I can't get the car to go Sophie."
"But we got gas mom. Lets just go!"
"I wish we could Sophie"

Chad came and tried the secret button and couldn't get it so we decided to call a tow truck. By then the girls and I had been there for over an hour. I call and they say they will be there in 45 minutes...Awesome. So we hung out at the gas station...Its the cool place to hang you know...

The tow truck came and the guy asked what was wrong. And then replied "Oh I can fix that" He jumped in the car pushed the secret button and magically it came out of park. So just FYI if your shifter ever gets stuck in park in an automatic there is a small button next to it. Take off the cap and push straight down with a key (its a small hole) hold it down and then move the shifter out of park. Hopefully I have saved someone from having to hang out at the gas station for 2 hours.

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