Thursday, August 18, 2011


Sophie has quite the little imagination. She is always running away from monsters, rescuing animals, and talking to her cousin Kaylie on the phone. The other day she was talking on her play cellphone to Oma and telling her everything she was doing. Then she started talking to Grandpa. She started laughing so I asked her who she was talking to.
 Sophie: "Granpa Meel-lllerrrrs"
Me "Oh and what did he say?"
Sophie: "He called me a stinker hehe"
Yesterday we were playing dress up (one of her favorite activities) and she told me "Mom I'm going to a dance party! You stay here."

Apparently I was not suitable enough to leave the house. She was probably right...

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  1. LOL...yes I laughed right out loud...of course I love when she says 'Meel errs" Hahahaha! what a goof!