Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Shoes are a Girls Best Friend

After a month of chores the girls earned their money for new church shoes. They were pretty excited! Lydia had fallen asleep on the drive over to Payless and I could not get her to wake up until I carried her into the store. Then she excitedly said "Down mommy! shoes!!" They tried on almost every pair in sight. I think they thought they were in heaven...they have never seen that many shoes before. (we usually go to target). After trying several options on they finally decided on the winning pair. Oddly enough they picked the same ones.....

Of course pink sparkle shoes with jewels! Seriously can my girls get any girlier?

We have discovered they have expensive taste though...which isn't good for us. They picked the most expensive shoes in the store. Thank you Disney Princesses. I am pretty sure we spent more on one pair of these then I have spent on any one pair of my shoes...but they are happy....

But Chad and I have agreed that if we do this again they are going to have to work longer.

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