Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Olympics Opening Ceremony Party

On Friday we were invited to a Opening Ceremony party for the Olympics from our friends in the ward! It was a lot of fun! They had yummy food from around the world like crepes, hummus, tres leches cake, cowboy chow, and I brought an English trifle. They had prepared some fun Olympics games for us all to compete in. First was ribbon dancing. The kids went first...

We had to unroll the roll of streamers as fast as we could. Then we had a basketball shooting contest.

Stephanie creamed all of the adults in that one! Then we competed against our spouses in shooting a soccer ball into the goal which Chad won (although technically he cheated :) )

We were all given medals! The kids were very excited!

It was such a fun night spending time with the Schuetzlers and the Gryglas and the girls loved playing with Hyrum and Maddy!

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  1. What a fun idea!!! I watched the ceremony with the kids, and the kids were saying how they could do all that stuff like swim and run and bike and gymnastics, and I was trying to explain how all these people had trained a long time for what they do and that they were amazing. Landon looks at me and says "I'm Amazing". It melted my heart. All I could think to say was "I know!!" Look like you guys had a great time!!