Friday, August 3, 2012

It's Alive!

Somehow our garden has magically come back to life! Our cantaloupe plant has gone nuts again! And shockingly our tiny little bean plants I thought for sure were doomed are green again and starting to flower.

That fateful night of the storm we ended up picking our honeydew thinking it wouldn't possibly survive...

But it definitely was not ripe and tasted like a cucumber... After tasting this we decided to leave the cantaloupe on the plant in hopes that maybe it would ripen. And it did!

Although it tasted like dirt...I think I picked it too soon. But we had 3 of these so I let the others ripen even longer and voila we had a cantaloupe that tasted like cantaloupe!!! It was very juicy but sadly it wasn't sweet. You have to not water it the last week while it ripens to get the sweetness, but we had so much rain that it didn't happen. But hey I think this was a successful gardening attempt! And who knows maybe its not too late for our plants to produce more?

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