Tuesday, August 7, 2012

1, 3........a lot

Lydia likes to be like her big sister. Sophie loves to count and Lydia is getting really good at it too. She can now count to 13 although she likes to skip 2 and 4. In Lydia's words: one, tee, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, evan, telve, errteen!

We have had a really good monsoon lately and the water runoff across the street has had a lot of water. The other day Chad took the girls to the park and they wanted to throw rocks in the water. And what did they find??

thousands of tadpoles!! Sophie was very protective over these little guys. Some boys in the neighborhood were collecting them and she followed them like a hawk and kept telling them not to hurt them or step on them. We asked the girls how many there were. Sophie started to count and then said "there's like one hundred" and Lydia started to count 1, 3...a lot!!! Here is the video...

Sadly the water dried out the next morning, luckily Sophie didn't notice or ask about them.


  1. SO cute!! I am amazed that there were tadpoles- I didn't think frog eggs hatched that fast!! So fun for them to see!!