Thursday, August 9, 2012

I Don't Like My Shoes

On Sunday as we were putting our shoes on Sophie all of the sudden got really sad because she did not like her church shoes. She was even more sad because it is the only pair of church shoes she has. I explained to her that Lydia only has one pair too and her feet will grow soon and she will have different church shoes. That did not appease her at all. She ended up walking to the car barefoot carrying her shoes...which she luckily put on before going into church.

Chad had a good idea to remedy the problem. We would have them do chores and earn money for them both to get a new pair of shoes. Then we could also teach them how to pay tithing with their money. So we sat down and came up with some chores for each of them to do and I made up some charts...

they get to color a square after completing the chore and then they get to put a dime into their money jar...

We made it so they have to do a total of 30 chores to earn shoes. It will make it much easier when teaching them tithing. So far they love it! They get really excited to do their chores and it seems to be helping Lydia listen when I ask her to clean up.

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