Thursday, February 9, 2012

Drawing Meltdown

Sophie loves to sit with me and color on Paint. She always asks me to draw her and her friends as Princesses.

I am definitely no artist but apparently Sophie thinks I am. Yesterday I was working and all of the sudden Sophie walks in absolutely hysterical. She showed me a picture she drew of her as a princess...

I was so impressed! I have never seen a drawing that she has done that isn't just scribbles everywhere. I said "Sophie! That is so good! Whats wrong?" She was so distraught that her drawing did not look like mine and she angrily threw it on the floor. After several minutes of me explaining to her that it really was great and if she would like we could hang it on the refrigerator. She did not like that answer at all and said "No Mom its not good! The dress isn't like my friends!"
I was so worried this little situation was going to ruin drawing for her. I realized that she is just like me! Oh dear. I was exactly the same way when I was younger. I would try and draw something and I just thought it looked horrible compared to my sisters. She really has a knack for artistic things. And now that I look back my drawings really were not that bad. Although you may say otherwise from looking at the picture at the top Haha. But consequently I just went on thinking I could not draw and never tried to improve. But I think we may be okay with Miss Sophie for now. She woke up this morning and happily colored the dress on her picture and proudly hung it on the fridge. Crisis averted...for now...


  1. Tati is the same way. And so was I growing up! When my kids ask me to help them draw something, I'm usually scared and overwhelmed cause "I'm just not good at it." Then, one day I realized that wasn't setting the example I wanted for my girls...and if I wanted them to try new things and to improve over time, I had to do it too! I'm not ready to show my work yet, but my girls love it and thats all that matters!

    I'm glad the crisis has been averted!!!!