Monday, February 27, 2012


Chad and I are both in school right now and for the next year or so. Well I will be in it much longer than Chad but that's what happens when you move at a snails pace. Anyway Chad is taking 4 classes while I take 3. Drop that on top of work, kids, and for my husband building a 1929 Woody Station Wagon for a June meet in Idaho. And it causes a little bit of stress.  Although building the car does make him escape his stress a bit.

Stress does funny things to people.....

The other day Chad came home from work and his hair looked pretty greasy and crusty. I asked him what was wrong with his hair and he replied. "Honey I'm pretty sure I didn't wash out my shampoo this morning." Sure enough that was the case.

Again stress does funny things to people...


  1. lol-this reminds me of a show-Two weeks notice :) Thanks for the giggle today!! :)

  2. seriously son!!!! That is for old people to do.... but thanks for the laugh!

  3. Thanks for the laugh... I cried a little I was laughing so hard.

  4. That is hilarious! Thanks for the laugh!!!