Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day

We had a good Valentines Day yesterday. My amazing husband wrote me a wonderful letter. Seriously I am one lucky girl :) The girls and I got him a cookie Valentine...

I thought it was so funny since he is working on the Woody Station Wagon.

I made heart shaped grilled cheese for the girls...

Then the girls helped me make some Valentine cupcakes with the cute wrappers Aunt Kimberly sent...

and we ended the evening with heart pizzas....

After the girls went to bed Chad and I headed to the garage and sanded trim for the Woody while listening to love songs. I guess he said yes to my "Wood you be mine?" Valentine. I know your all jealous on how romantic we are :)


  1. Such a cute day! I love it, "wood" and all! ;)

  2. LOL! Rachel you crack me up! I think your valentine was too cute! And isn't romance just being together? Wait, maybe more fun curled up in each others arms on the couch...but now you wouldn't have smelled like wood! See you tonight...glad I changed my dinner idea yesterday or you would be eating pizza two days in a row!

  3. LOL! I am with mom-you crack me up!! What a fun Valentines Day!! Okay you are now becoming my inspiration. . .I don't think I took any pictures on Valentines Day. . .how sad is that :)- I am going to do better!!