Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Catch Up

Sorry for the long absence. We are in the middle of school and work right now so consequently my blog suffers. We haven't done anything too terribly exciting around here. Mostly work, homework, and going out to Chad's parents house so Chad can work on his station wagon. But I was able to add new decorations to my wreath for Valentines Day...

Someday I will actually make a new wreath but whatever extra time I have is spent on homework at the moment so wreath making will just have to wait.

Sophie went to her cousin's pajama birthday party. She was so excited to go! She had the option to spend the night and I was a little nervous. I did not want to drive out to Sahuarta in the middle of the night for a meltdown. But what we found out was that she is quite the party animal (and we are in a lot of trouble when she gets older).

I guess she was great and did not complain at all. She really had a blast. I also learned she stayed up until 1:30 in the morning. Apparently she was the last to fall asleep. Lydia did great without her sister as well. I was pretty nervous about that too. Come to find out she loved all the attention on her. But she was so excited to see her sister the next day...

We went to the zoo with a majority of her cousins which was a lot of fun. Although by that point lack of sleep had finally hit Sophie and she was pretty cranky.

We did get to see the baby lions again. They have gotten pretty big. I guess it was lunch time for them when we got there...

One of the kids asked what they were doing and Becca responded "Their eating their mom. Sucking the life right out of her." ha ha . No worries we did explain to the kids. She is nursing right now and I agree sometimes it does feel that way.

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