Sunday, December 4, 2011

Moms Birthday Surprise!

Six months ago my father in law asked us to throw a surprise party for my wonderful mother in law. I was so excited but nervous because I had never done something this big before that I was completely in charge of. There hasn't been quite as many blog posts lately because well everything we have done has involved this party! So Wednesday was finally the big day! All of her kids were able to come which was awesome!
Seriously they saved me from a nervous breakdown and we were able to get everything done hours before the party. Thanks Aimee, Kimberly, Seth, and my Love you guys are the best! Grandma and Grandpa Clayton even came down for the occasion!

Aimee came up with the theme Breakfast at Tiffany's.....

My sister Sarah came and helped us make the tissue pom pom balls that I think really tied everything together.

Kimberly put together the music video of all the grandkids for mom that turned out better than I could ever imagine and she made some amazing jewelry for the guests to "Frost" themselves!

And Jeanette's dad made these cute boxes for us that we filled with chocolate to look like Tiffany jewelry boxes...

Happy 50th Birthday Mom we love you!


  1. Thanks dear family! and was the best birthday ever

  2. I love the party theme, decorations, and everything! It looked beautiful in all the pictures! How fun to surprise her with such a wonderful day!

  3. So fun!! You did such a great job-putting it all together, it turned out perfect!! I am so gald I got to experience it in person!!