Thursday, December 15, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Lydia Bug!

Yesterday was Lydia's first birthday she was pretty excited....
Sophie was so excited too I think she said "Happy Birthday Lydia!" a million times..
Both Grandparents came over and we had birthday cake. Lydia had stared and asked for this cake all day. A Lady Bug for our little Lydia Bug.
I had told her no all day and then when I said go ahead. She just stared at it and looked at everyone else...but after some convincing she dug in..

And got pretty full...She ate alot...

Then she got to open her gifts..It took a little convincing. She was just excited to carry the bag around. She got a really cute outfit from Grandma and Grandpa Clayton sadly I didn't get a picture of it...

And we gave her a Alphaberry. It is covered in buttons and says the alphabet. Kind of weird but she loves buttons....

Happy Birthday Lydia Bug!!! We Love you!!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday Cute Girl!!! I LOVE the video clip...they are so precious!