Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mini Vacation at the Zoo

On Saturday after I went to the temple we headed to the Phoenix Zoo. We were really excited until Chad found out that his wife that cant think properly forgot to bring the stroller...oops.  Chad would see a mom pushing her kid in a stroller and say "Look honey that could have been us happily pushing our children in our stroller."  But the girls were awesome! And they walked most of the Zoo so it wasn't bad at all. But next time I definitely wont forget it.

First we saw the Orangutans the girls really liked them and they were fun to watch.

Sophie was our guide. She carried the map everywhere and anytime we moved five feet to see and animal she would pull out the map and say "where are we?"
We went to monkey village and got to go in and walk around the Squirrel Monkeys. They were so cute. Lydia would get all excited and point at it and say "DOG !!!" 
Apparently all animals are dogs right now and they say moo.

She also wanted to climb in and play with all of the animals....

They also liked the Baboons. They were right up against the window trying to get warm in the sun...
If your wondering about the one on the floor in the background...um.... yeah we were too...

We thought for sure it was dead. But he did blink so apparently he is just bored?

They had a tree house to climb up and look at the giraffes..

Chad and Sophie were watching the Mountain Lions. They were sleeping when I showed them to Lydia and she decided that pine needles were far more interesting....

But then Chad and Sophie said "roar" to the mountain lions and one of them had to climb down and check them out. Lyds and I totally missed it.

It was such a fun weekend and even better the girls slept all the way home and played happily the rest of the night!


  1. I say chad could have remembered the stroller also! Just saying....looks like a fun trip to the zoo guys!

  2. Yay for sleeping all the way home! :) That looks like a fun Zoo! (p.S. I've forgotten the stroller before too...but now both my girls are way to big for one, so it's okay!)

  3. Your girls are too cute!!! Next time you forget the stroller and Chad says things to you like that tell him "your the Dad, you could of put it in too. . .:) Looks like you guys had fun anyway. . .Miss Lydia looks so cute in that shirt, and I love that Sophie wanted to know where she was, made me giggle.