Monday, December 19, 2011

Mini Vacation

This last weekend we decided to take a mini vacation to Mesa and take the girls to see the Christmas lights at the temple. Sophie was very excited and kept telling me when she gets older she is going to go to the temple in a pretty dress and get married.

Sorry in advance for the hard to see pictures. I didn't realize until the end of the night that my flash was not on :(

Lydia was completely fascinated by all of the lights and I could not get her to face me for any pictures.

Chad went in to the temple and I took the girls around and into the visitors center. I wanted to go see the nativities from around the world but these two girls just did not want to do anything but look at.....

Which was perfectly fine with me. It was so cute to see how excited they both were and we listened to the presentation a couple of times. It was a great night. Sophie loved that she got to go and see the temple.

"Look Mom the Temple!!"
The next day we took them to the Phoenix Zoo. I will post about that tomorrow!


  1. WOw!! I haven't be on my blog for a while, I missed all the updates!!! YOu look so good in your boots. . .I am so excited to see your christmas presents. . :)- Miss Lydia is such a doll, I LOVE the birthday pictures!! The one when she is full-lol!!! And the girls looked so sweet in their christmas dresses. . .thanks for posting it all-i love seeing what you guys are up too!!

  2. WOW! Look at all the lights! I think dad and I better go too! Glad you had a nice "mini-vacation" you deserve it!

  3. We wanted to do that this year, but are having too many car problems. So Thank You for sharing your experience and pictures! :)