Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

For Halloween this year the girls wanted to be Cinderella so I was going to make Easton Gus Gus. Then the day before Sophie decided she wanted to be a superhero instead since she got a cute cape from her friend. Thank you Grandma for saving us last minute with a super shirt.

Lydia was being a complete bum and we barely even got her into her costume. We practically dragged her kicking and screaming but we made it to the trunk or treat. It was actually pretty cold and Easton hung out and helped pass out candy with Dad and Grandma.

Sophie went around with Grandpa and told him they were done when her bucket was full. She didn't even go to all of the cars. On the way home I asked if they had fun and they both said yes. Which was a shock because Lydia said she wanted to go home the whole time and I had to hold her for most of it. They wanted to go tonight too since it was real Halloween but I think we have enough candy.

For preschool today the kids get to dress up and Sophie decided she wanted to be Fawn from Tinker Bell. Thank goodness we have a good variety in our dress up box.

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