Monday, October 21, 2013

Happy Half Birthday Easton

Easton turned 6 months old on Friday! He has grown so much and wants to be a big kid. He gets up on all fours now and rocks. Its only a matter of time before he is crawling. Right now he just scoots backwards when he tries which frustrates him to death. We think he is going to crawl before he can sit up without falling over.

He loves to stand and will hold himself up to things if you put him there.

He is our little happy man...

He communicates in manly grunts. It just cracks us up because neither Chad or I can imitate it. It comes from so deep within him.

He absolutely loves baths and would probably sit in it all day...

He thinks Sophie is the most hilarious person ever and laughs and squeals at her silliness..

He also loves his Daddy and enjoyed some football with him the other night..

Happy 6 months Easton Roc!

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  1. What a little cutie head!!! Can't wait to see him!!. . .oh and you guys too!!! :)