Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Disney on Ice!

After Chad's party on Saturday Grandma and Grandpa Clayton took us to Disney on Ice! The girls were so excited when Grandpa called and invited them. They immediately started deciding what they were going to wear...
They thought it was so cool to be able to leave the house in their dress up clothes. 

The show was amazing and the girls were in heaven. Lydia clapped every time they did a cool trick. She got really tired toward the end and kept asking me when Belle was coming. She was the last Princess to come on. She kept fighting to stay awake and in the middle of Be Our Guest she finally passed out. Like she was finally content because she saw her.

Sophie sat at the edge of her seat the whole time. And sighed with pure joy when each princess came on stage. She fell in love with the show and has asked when we are going back.  

Easton even loved the show. He stayed up the whole time. I thought for sure he would sleep. But he was too excited. Mom was holding him during The Little Mermaid and he was completely focused on the roof and kicking with excitement. We weren't sure what he was so excited over but then looked up and there were lights shining on the roof. He kept looking at the roof the rest of the night looking for the lights.

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