Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Baby Dime

A couple weeks ago Chad put the kids to bed so I could go to zumba. He had them all in bed and started his homework when he heard crying. Sophie was hyperventilating and finally told him "I swallowed a baby dime!" (She just learned about money in preschool mama quarter, daddy nickel, sister penny, etc). Apparently she had her piggy bank on her bed and thought it was a great idea to suck on a dime and down it went.

Chad called the nursing line and the nurse told him that he needs to go through her poop for the next 5 days and make sure it comes out. To which Chad replied "Oh no no no my wife left me home alone with the children. SHE will be going through the poop." The nurse said that was funny...kind of not funny...but funny.

When I got home he informed me of the situation and told me that I was lucky he didn't have to take 3 children to the ER or else I would have had to owe him Big time. As in he could do anything he wanted for like a year. I laughed and told him I take 3 children everywhere its not a big deal. And he said "yeah but you're a trained professional."

So the next week I combed through more poop then I ever imagined and nothing. So I took her in for x-rays thinking well maybe this is one of her hypochondriac moments and she didn't really swallow it. She got in her little robe and layed on the table and sure enough it was there. A bright gleaming circle on her side. I was so sad I forgot my camera!! But the doc said it was siting where the large and small intestine connect and was worried it might be stuck. And if it didn't progress they would have to use a scope to get it out. They gave her miralax to take over the weekend and a few days later...

I finally got paid for my dirty job! I have never been so glad to see a dime in my life.

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  1. Wow Rachel!! I would of never looked through my child's poop :) You are one amazing Mom!!